World Rugby is one of the most comprehensive Rugby  websites around. Whether you're new to the sport, starting your journey as a new "Rugger", or you've been familiar with Rugby but would like to brush up on your knowledge then this is probably the best place to go. Their comprehensive easy to understand guides and videos help make learning a snap - and it's free!

USARugby is the national governing body for the sport of Rugby in America and a Full Sport Member of the United States Olympic Committee and World Rugby.
You can check the 'Public Rosters' section to locate what teams are located in your state and where.

IGR is an organization of member clubs of primarily gay and inclusive Rugby clubs. They provide member clubs with development support and resources in the areas of club organisation, recruitment, retention, fundraising, event management, and, regional and national union relations.

Louisiana Rugby is the local state Rugby organization, an affiliate of USA Rugby.  Its purpose is to govern and develop U19 Rugby youth and high school across the state.