Identity Statement

The New Orleans Crescent City Rougaroux RFC is a primarily gay and inclusive rugby club. We are also a community service and charitable organization that promotes equality, diversity and inclusivity through the sport of Rugby.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote fraternity, diversity, growth, and service through the sport of rugby. We seek to create a safe and competitive space that fosters team and community building. A space where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to learn and play rugby. It is our goal that this space will cultivate growth through mentorship and camaraderie for people who are often isolated and underrepresented. Finally, we plan on giving back to our communities through community service, sponsorships and donations from fundraisers.


We have selected four primary values to guide us: Fraternity, Diversity, Growth, and Service.


  • Create a culture of warmth and belonging where all team members and potential members are integrated and valued.
  • Foster open and supportive communication among the team, both on and off the field.
  • Support each-other in personal and team goals.


  • Foster an inclusive team environment where everyone feels welcomed and accepted regardless of athletic ability, experience, tenure on the team, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, trans- or cis-gender status, religion, class, disability, etc.
  • Recruit members from underrepresented communities through outreach and by creating an inclusive environment.


  • Be motivated enthusiastic to acheive our common goals, such as growth in our abilities on the field, in our relationships with each other, and in our service.
  • Become better players by motivating each other to attend practices, games and other fitness training.
  • Support the administrative development of the team by volunteering or taking administrative roles.


  • Give back to the larger community: the LGBTQ+ community, the greater city of New Orleans, the local rugby community, and the international gay rugby (IGR) community.
  • Work closely with our sponsors to help them realize their goals.

Our History

The Crescent City Rougaroux was officially founded in 2017, with the first team event being a Rugby 101 on March 11, 2017. Since then, the team has experienced explosive growth as it continues to formalize, grow and improve.

But the wheels were put in motion a few months earlier, back in 2016, to create a team in New Orleans. The idea for the team came from Jason Anderson, a member of the Atlanta Bucks, an established International Gay Rugby (IGR) team.

On December 3, 2016, Patrick Button (current President) visited Atlanta for the weekend and attended Rugby 101 with the Atlanta Bucks. It was his first time playing Rugby, and he enjoyed it. There was an overwhelming sense of community amongst the team. Patrick commented to Jason the if he lived in Atlanta he would definitely join their team. In return Jason suggested that it would be great if New Orleans had their very own International Gay Rugby (IGR) team.

Jason took the initiative to start putting a team together, reaching out to prospective players and individuals in the Rugby community, both in New Orleans and elsewhere, that could help. Several enthusiastic people came forward to help the team. Jason, along with the help of Jeremy Dykes (a member of the Nashville Grizzlies) served as mentors and helped answer the overwhelming number of questions the new recruits had. Several people in the New Orleans Rugby community provided support, especially Danny Reed and Scott Lytell of the Crescent City Blues Rugby Team. Nathan Hagan designed our amazing logo and jersey kit.

Most importantly, Jason recruited Jessica Mallindine as our coach. Jessica coaches the Tulane Women's Rugby team. Several players from the team help act to serve as assistant coaches for the Rougaroux team: Hayley Alexander, Brae Hunter, and Maddie Brenner. In addition to coaching, Jessica provided significant advice regarding group structure and leadership that helped the team form both as an entity in addition to just on the pitch. Jessica has the gift for facilitation team growth and development. The Crescent City Rougaroux Rugby Team is the fourth team that Jessica has helped to establish.

We are registered members with the USA Rugby Union; and while we still have a long way to go until we are a fully established and competitive IGR team, we are proud of how far we have come, and thankful to all the many people that have help us to get this far.

Contributers to the Development of the Crescent City Rougaroux RFC: